Link Love: Books vs. the internet

I was inspired this week by the title of the post from It’s Nice That about Ben Longden’s bookshelf. Just as much as we love pens, paper and stationery, I suspect that many of us also love paper books. It’s one of the things I’ve missed most during the time of COVID-19 — going to the library and bookstore. Sure, I still download books from the library and buy books used from Half-Price Books, Ebay and Goodwill Books but it’s just not the same as wandering up and down the aisles of a bookstore, wandering into a thrift store or wandering through the stacks of the library.

If you’re a letter writer, keep an eye on the new Postmaster General. The newest Postmaster General is the first to be hired into the position who has not come from within the postal service. Many are concerned that the changes he will implement may force more privatization of a public service which might limit service to inner city and rural areas, the people in most need of postal services.

Finally, if you apply the Disney filter to your dog photo on Instagram, please, please, please, tag me on the photo because I absolutely MUST see the cuteness.




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