Link Love: In the Wrong Zone

I have no excuse for my inability to time manage. I have enough planners and notebooks to start my own stationery store and yet somehow, because everything I am required to do in a timely fashion is supposed to be done in the early hours of Monday and Wednesday, inevitably, my time gets mismanaged. Some of it is that I no longer have someone standing over me demanding that something be delivered at a specific time other than my own sense of guilt. Being one’s own keeper is both constantly working and a competition to determine what to prioritize.

The case this morning was that instead of finishing my intro for Link Love, I just kept working on my class curriculum since I was “in the zone.”  The next time I looked up, it was 1:43pm. Oops.

So, here’s to being “in the zone” on the project you need to be working on today.




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