Pen Review: Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen (0.5 mm Olive Body)

I’ve been binging on the TV series Endeavour on Amazon Prime the last few weeks and I immediately noticed that Inspector Morse continually uses a Parker Jotter to make notes in his not-entirely-period-accurate pocket Moleskine. Regardless of the slight period inaccuracies, I was getting itchy to use a classic Parker-style Jotter. Along comes the Ohto Rays Flash Gel Pen in period appropriate avocado green with a 0.5mm gel refill. For the extremely reasonable price of $3.90.

To get a taste of the vibe of 1960s Oxford, check out the set decorator Anita Gupta’s photos of the sets. See the appeal?

The Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen features a metal knock, clip and  end section and a plastic body.

The ink delivers on its promise to be quick drying, even on slick, smooth Rhodia paper (A4 blank pad, $13.75) and creates fine lines that work with my tiny handwriting.

Compared with an actual Parker Jotter, the Ohto Rays is a bit longer in its overall design. The tip of the pen is strengthened with a metal cap.

Inside, you’ll see that the Ohto Flash Dry refill is a standard Parker-style refill. So, if you already have a Parker Jotter or another knock pen that uses a standard Parker-style refill, you could always just invest in this sweet gel refill ($1.90).

Either option is a no-brainer. No matter how much we love fountain pens around here, sometimes you need a ballpoint or gel pen and this is a great option.

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