Fountain Pen Reivew: Pelikan Classic M205 Moonstone Fountain Pen Set

While the Pelikan M205 Moonstone Fountain Pen Set (€123.14) was supposed to be the “Ink of the Year” for 2020, due to the pandemic, the pen and ink shipped late in the calendar year. This is not such a bad thing as Pantone chose grey was one of the two colors chosen as “Color of the Year” for 2021. Way to be ahead of the curve, Pelikan!

The M200-series feature stainless steel nibs. This makes the M200-series the least expensive of their “Souveran” pen line. The set, with ink, purchased for the EU is considerably cheaper than buying it domestically because of some weird pricing strategies for the US and North American market.

The Pelikan Moonstone is available in a range of nibs sizes and also as a ballpoint if your fountain pen collection has reached critical mass.

After my fuss about pen companies (that should not be named) that do not include converters with pens over $50, I am inclined to prefer piston pens which do not require converters. As such, the M205 is one of the best “next step” pens when you are looking to upgrade to a more upscale fountain pen.

The Star Ruby M205 was a huge success last year so Pelikan played it safe and made the Moonstone M205 in a similar translucent plastic embedded with glitter. To be honest, I like the look of the Moonstone, even more than the Star Ruby. The Moonstone 205 has a subtle bling to it where the Ruby is much flashier.

The Pelikan M205 Moonstone Pen and Ink Set (€123.14) ships in a paperboard box and includes the pen and a full bottle of the Pelikan Edelstein Moonstone ink.

Upon close inspection, the microfine sparkles embedded in the translucent grey material are opalescent creating a sort of stardust effect. This effect definitely reinforces the gemstone vibe that Pelikan set out with the naming and theme of the inks.

The nib is steel but the M200-series steel nibs from Pelikan are some of the softest steel nibs I’ve used. Early in my fountain pen days, they were too soft for me but over the years, my writing style has changed. I think I write with a lighter touch and are therefore more able to appreciate the Pelikan steel nib. Depending on your writing style, the softness of this nib may be difficult for some writers to use.

It’s not a flex nib but if you write with a heavy hand, it is possible to choke the ink flow.


The Ink:

Pelikan Edelstein Moonstone is a pleasant change in the “ink of the year” from this ink line. The color is a beautiful mid-range, cool-neutral grey. It’s dark enough to be legible even in a fine nib but not so dark that it starts to look like a faded black.

Performance-wise, the ink is smooth and largely odorless. (Some inks have a distinct smell and I don’t notice any with the Pelikan Edelstein inks).

When used with a large folded nib, the shading and range of shading is stunning. It reminds me of the range of color of the moon in photos from the Apollo program.

There is a little color shifting in the ink between a cool blue and a warm golden undertone.

In regular writing samples, even with the M205 EF, the ink is still legible. With slightly wider nibs, the ink color really starts to show its character.

This close-up image shows the slight flex of the nib as well as the non water-proofiness though the ink does stain the paper just a bit. The shading it visible quite well here.

On Tomoe River paper, the ink appears slightly darker and the swatch shows a bit more of the color-changing effects.

When compared to other grey ink options, there are a lot of similar shades. Lamy Agate has a greenish undertone that makes it notably different. Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey is more blue-violet in its undertone. Montblanc Oyster Grey  is slightly darker. Kaweco Smokey Grey is probably the closest match.



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